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Monday, April 9

5:30pm CDT

(CANCELLED) POSTER: Debarking and Uprooting of Trees by Forest Elephants (Elephas maximus) in Cauvery Wildlife Sanctuary, Western Ghats, Karnataka, India Monroe Room POSTER: A Genetic and Ecological Analysis of a Disjunct Amphibian Population in Southern Texas Monroe Room POSTER: A Guide to Campus Squirrels Monroe Room POSTER: Amur Honeysuckle Density and Tree Species Composition Indirectly Affect Exotic Earthworm Abundance Monroe Room POSTER: Analysis of Data of Different Spatial Scales: A Multivariate Process Approach Monroe Room POSTER: Assessing the Vegetation and Land Use “Tension” in Wisconsin’s Tension Zone Monroe Room POSTER: Bee Abundance and Flower Use in Chicago Community Gardens Monroe Room POSTER: Can the Arrangement of Jack Pine Barrens Mediate the Spread of Wildfires Under Various Climate Scenarios? Monroe Room POSTER: Canopy Structural Complexity and Light Use Efficiency: The Influence of Forest Species Richness and Stand Density on Resource Use Monroe Room POSTER: Change Detection in Hydrologically-restored Subtropical Freshwater Wetlands Using Remote Sensing Monroe Room POSTER: Combining Concept Mapping and Text Analysis for Conceptual Model Development Monroe Room POSTER: Drivers of Conservation Successes and Failures: An Analysis of Factors Affecting Mammalian Recovery in Terrestrial Protected Areas Monroe Room POSTER: Effect of Landscape Transitions on Fire Frequency in the Center Zone of Chile Monroe Room POSTER: Effects of Changing Precipitation on Connectivity in an Amphibian System with Environmentally-Responsive Dispersal Movements Monroe Room POSTER: Evaluating the Effects of Ecotourism on Forests in the Trans-Himalayan Biodiversity Hotspot Using Counterfactual Analysis Monroe Room POSTER: Examining Community Gardens as a Source of Ecological and Social Connectivity in Cities Monroe Room POSTER: Exploring Historical and Potential Future Urbanization Patterns in the Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area Monroe Room POSTER: Exploring the Nexus Between Bundles of Ecosystem Services and Human Well-Being in the Western Himalaya: A Case Study from Ganga River Basin Monroe Room POSTER: Forest Assemblages Predict Avian Assemblages Better Than Vegetation Structure in Southern Ohio’s Central Hardwoods Monroe Room POSTER: Forest Fragmentation, Harvest and Carbon Storage Along a Regional Gradient: The Great Lakes Social-Ecological Gradient Monroe Room POSTER: Forest Species Composition and Cooccurrence with Archaeological Sites in Southern Brazil Monroe Room POSTER: Forest Succession and Climate Variability Interacted to Control Fire Activity Over the Last Four Centuries in an Alaskan Boreal Forest Monroe Room POSTER: Geospatial Web Applications for NPS Fire Management at the Wildland-Urban Interface Monroe Room POSTER: How Can Green Infrastructure Better Contribute to the Sponge City Program in China? Monroe Room POSTER: How Does Soil Nutrient Availability Influence Mast Seeding Dynamics of White Spruce? Monroe Room POSTER: Hurricane Impacts to Puerto Rico’s Forests: The Importance of Topography and Chance Monroe Room POSTER: Identifying Conservation Priorities Through Participatory Ecosystem Services Mapping in Coastal Zones Monroe Room POSTER: Identifying the Relationships and Drivers of Agro-Ecosystem Services Using a Constraint Line Approach in the Agro-Pastoral Transitional Zone of China Monroe Room POSTER: Impacts of the Landscape Context on the Abundance and Body-Size of Eastern Red-backed Salamanders Monroe Room POSTER: Improving Species Distribution Models by Accounting for Land-use Legacies: A Case Study on Tree Species Distributions in Northeastern Forests Monroe Room POSTER: Integrating Ecosystem Services Trade-offs with Paddy Land-to-dry Land Decisions: A Scenario Approach in Erhai Lake Basin, Southwest China Monroe Room POSTER: Interdependent of ET-LAI-Albedo Across the Roofing Landscapes: Mongolian and Tibetan Plateaus Monroe Room POSTER: Landscape and Host Plant Effects on Reproduction by a Mobile, Polyphagous, Multivoltine Arthropod Herbivore Monroe Room POSTER: Landscape and Host Plant Effects on Two Important Omnivorous Arthropod Taxa in Field Crops Monroe Room POSTER: Landscape Characteristics Influencing Attitudes Towards Black Bears and Bear Hunting in Connecticut Monroe Room POSTER: Landscape Context Influences Microclimates in Agroecosystems Monroe Room POSTER: Landscape Drivers of Population Structure of a Forest Rodent in a Coffee Agroecosystem Monroe Room POSTER: Landscape Genetics and Connectivity Modelling of Six Native Bee Species in the Agricultural Zone of Alberta, Canada Monroe Room POSTER: Landscape Matrix Influence on the Tree Species Composition, of an Upper Montane Araucaria Forest in Southern Brazil Monroe Room POSTER: Level- and Scale-dependent Habitat Selection for Resting Sites by Two Syntopic Martes Species Monroe Room POSTER: Living with Giants: Mitigating Human-Elephant Conflict in Myanmar Monroe Room POSTER: Local and Landscape-Scale Predictors of Egg-Mass Abundance in Wood Frogs and Spotted Salamanders in Southeastern Massachusetts Monroe Room POSTER: Looking Beyond the Mean: Drivers of Variability in Postfire Stand Development of Rocky Mountain Conifers Monroe Room POSTER: Mapping Floristic Gradients of Forest Composition Using Ordination and Landsat OLI Imagery in Southern Ohio’s Central Hardwoods Monroe Room POSTER: Network Theory and Post-fire Landscapes: Linking Connectivity to Forest Reorganization in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem Monroe Room POSTER: North American and Asian Cities Show Contrasting Trends in Urban Greenspace Over Recent Decades Monroe Room POSTER: Ophiocordyceps Sinensis Availability and Range in Western Himalaya - Tragedy of Commons and Climate Variability Impacts on Alpine Ecosystem Monroe Room POSTER: Optimal Predictor Variables of Urban Hawk Breeding Success Monroe Room POSTER: Optimizing a UAV survey approach: implications for monitoring ecosystem services provided by floral resources Monroe Room POSTER: Patterns in Hybridization Between Native and Invasive Species Monroe Room POSTER: Predicting Invasive Species Richness with Boosted Regression Trees Monroe Room POSTER: Predicting Time Since Fire from Landscape Level Variables Within the Boreal Forest of Alaska: A Spatial Tobit Modeling Approach Monroe Room POSTER: Residential Landscape Ecology: Understanding Ecological Patterns and Processes of the Fastest Growing Land Cover Type in the U.S. Monroe Room POSTER: Retaining Fire Resilience: Twenty Years of Forest Succession in Old Growth Ponderosa Pine Forest Monroe Room POSTER: Social Values of Ecosystem Services Across Semi-Arid Watersheds in the Western United States Monroe Room POSTER: Spatial Pattern of Upper and Lower Pinyon-Juniper Treelines in the Great Basin, Nevada Monroe Room POSTER: Swallows and Sparrows in the Shop and Street Market-Interface of Nepal: Towards a First Open Access GIS Data and Model Inference on the Role of Religion in Bird Distribution Monroe Room POSTER: Tangible Landscapes Live Monroe Room POSTER: The Establishment of Urban Resilience Indicators Based on Waterlogging and Its Empirical Study Monroe Room POSTER: The Role of Biotic Complexity and Landscape Context in Controlling Arthropod Pests in Ornamental Gardens Monroe Room POSTER: The Status and Future of Nebraska’s Pinus Ponderosa Landscapes: The Wildcat Hills Monroe Room POSTER: Variation in Phenometric Lapse Rates in Pasture Resources Across Four Rayons in Kyrgyzstan Monroe Room

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  • S01: Conservation and Collaboration within the Urban Matrix
  • S02: Telecoupling for Sustainable Development and Conservation
  • S03: Describing & Analyzing Landscape Patterns
  • S04: Behavioral Landscape Ecology
  • S05: Riparian Landscape Ecology
  • S06: Geospatial Citizen Science Initiatives
  • S07: Visualizing Ecosystem Futures - Live!
  • S08: Monitoring & Restoration of the Nation
  • S09: Challenges and Opportunities of Crowd-Sourced and Social Media Data
  • S10: Ecological and Social Perspectives on Urban Vacant Lots
  • S11: How Ecological and Social Influences on the Urban Landscape Affect Pollinator Habitat
  • S12: Long-Term Agro-ecological Research Network
  • S13: State-of-the-Art Techniques for Remote Sensing of Disturbed Landscapes
  • S14: Waterbird Habitat Modeling and Conservation
  • S15: Understanding and Promoting Resilience of Metropolitan-Region Forest Socio-Ecological Systems
  • S16: Geneticists Have Drosophila and Biomed Researchers Have Lab Rats
  • S17: Taking A Look Under the Hood of EPA
  • T01: Land Use/Land Cover Change
  • T02: Terrestrial-Aquatic Ecosystem Interactions
  • T03: People and Landscapes
  • T04: Insect & Disease Outbreaks
  • T05: Urban/Exurban Landscape Ecology
  • T06: Landscape Patterns & Process
  • T07: Insect Ecology
  • T08: Urban and Regional Planning
  • T09: Conservation and Restoration Planning
  • T10: Invasive Species
  • T11: Disturbance Legacies and Resilience
  • T12: Aquatic and Coastal and Marine Animals
  • T13: Belowground Processes
  • T14: Rarity and Biodiversity and Species Distribution
  • T15: Forest Landscape Processes
  • T16: Climate Change Effects and Adaptation
  • T17: Habitat Fragmentation/Connectivity
  • T18: Processes in Agricultural Landscapes
  • T19: Modelling Climate as Process Drivers
  • T20: Ecosystem Services
  • T21: Remote Sensing/Image Analysis
  • T22: Wildlife Management
  • T23: Tradeoffs in Energy Production